एयर सेवा ग्रीवान्सेस (वॉल्यूम द्वारा)
Air Sewa Grievances (by volume) On 03 Feb 2023

एयर सेवा ग्रीवान्सेस (प्रकार के अनुसार)
Air Sewa Grievances (by type)Till 03 Feb 2023

एयर सेवा ग्रीवान्सेस (इकाई द्वारा)
Air Sewa Grievances (by entity)Till 03 Feb 2023

इग्रुआ द्वारा कौशल प्रशिक्षण
Skilling by IGRUATill 18 Jan 2023

उड़ान प्रशिक्षण संगठन
Flying Training OrganizationsTill 30 Nov 2022

आगामी कार्यक्रम
Upcoming Events Till 03 Feb 2023

  • Flight inauguration by HMCA: Direct flight from Aligarh to Lucknow 28-02-2023

About the Ministry

  • Minister Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan

    Located at Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan at the Safdarjung Airport in New Delhi, the Ministry of Civil Aviation is responsible for formulation of national policies and programmes for the development and regulation of the Civil Aviation sector in the country. It is responsible for the administration of the Aircraft Act, 1934, Aircraft Rules, 1937 and various other legislations pertaining to the aviation sector in the country. This Ministry exercises administrative control over attached and autonomous organizations like the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Bureau of Civil Aviation Security...

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