Modi 2.0 Swachh Bharat


S.No. Title Attachment File
1 E-Mail Policy of GoI Download (11.22 MB) pdf
2 Policy on Use of IT Resources of GoI Download (6.3 MB) pdf
3 Reconstitution of AERA Appellate Tribunal English Download (102.15 KB) pdf
4 Reconstitution of AERA Appellate Tribunal Hindi Download (111.43 KB) pdf
5 Constitution of the Committee of Inquiry to investigate into the accident to Motor Glider VT-GJH at Deoghar on 07-08-2013 Download (1.32 MB) pdf
6 Accident to Augusta A 109 Helicopter VT-VKS of Ms Aryan Aviation Pvt. Ltd at Ranchi on 09.05.2012 Download (54.06 KB) pdf
7 Setting Up of an Independent Accident Investigation Bureau Download (180.18 KB) pdf
8 Ministry of Civil Aviation in 1995 as director : Ms. Puja Jindal appointed IRS IT Download (896.36 KB) pdf
9 Appointment of Shri G. Asok Kumar, IAS AP:1991 as Joint Secretary in Ministry of Civil Aviation Download (728.85 KB) pdf
10 Extention of tenure of the Dharmadhikari Committee Download (1.69 MB) pdf
11 Notification Regarding Creation of AERA Download (399.63 KB) pdf
12 Notification Regarding Commencement of AERA Download (441.08 KB) pdf
13 Notification Regarding Appointment of Chairperson Download (473.6 KB) pdf
14 Notification of Apellate Tribunal Download (413.17 KB) pdf
15 Notification dated 31.08.2009 regarding Chapter III & Chapter VI of AERA Act,2008 Download (261.9 KB) pdf
16 Comencement of operation of Banglore International Airport at Devanhalli Download (886.78 KB) pdf
17 Comencement of functions of AERA Download (443.28 KB) pdf
18 Constitution of Committee of Inquiry for investigating accident to VT - NES Download (53.49 KB) pdf
19 Appointment of Chairperson and Member AERAAT Download (479.88 KB) pdf
20 Amendment to Rule 39C of Aircraft Rules, 1937- regarding increasing the age limit for validity of class I medical examination of pilots from forty years to sixty years. Download (64.27 KB) pdf
21 Notice for lnvitation of stakeholder inputs before launch of Second Round of Bidding under RCS UDAN Download (24.17 KB) pdf
22 Amendment of the Aircraft Rules, 1937 to make provisions for regulation of Gyroplanes, Remote Controlled Aircraft Systems and Amateur Built Aircraft-reg. Download (162.14 KB) pdf
23 Extension of tenure of Dr Shefali Juneja Download (63.17 KB) pdf
24 Gazette Notification of Ministry of Civil Aviation (Height Restrictions for Safegurading of Aircraft Operations) Rules, 2015 Download (5.99 MB) pdf
25 Nomination of Dr. Shefali Juneja, Director as Liaison officer for the works in respect of matters relating to Other Backward Classes(OBC) Download (1.05 MB) pdf
26 Amendment to Schedule XI of the Aircraft Rules 1937 Use of single engine aircraft for Scheduled Commercial Operations Download (1.77 MB) pdf
27 Amendment to the Aircraft Rules pertaining to the licensing of Aair Traffic Controllers Download (540.32 KB) pdf
28 Amendment in the Aircraft Rules, 1937 to permit the use of wi-fi services in aircraft on board Download (201.02 KB) pdf
29 Amendment to Section M & N of the Aircraft Rules, 1937 Download (198.41 KB) pdf
30 Voluntary disclosure of non-complaint drones flying in India Download (29.46 KB) pdf