Swachh Bharat


S.No. Title Attachment File
1 कार्य आवंटन डाउनलोड (85.21 KB) pdf
2 Order on Charging of Transaction Fee by Airlines डाउनलोड (1.44 MB) pdf
3 Management contract of IGRUA डाउनलोड (229.38 KB) pdf
4 Acquisition of Aircrafts डाउनलोड (911.76 KB) pdf
5 AIC to Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau डाउनलोड (108.38 KB) pdf
6 Setting up of the Civil Aviation Economic Advisory Council CAEAC डाउनलोड (66.89 KB) pdf
7 Constitution of Air Cargo Logistic Promotion Board as an Inter-Ministerial Group डाउनलोड (84.96 KB) pdf
8 Extension of tenure of CASAC डाउनलोड (91.42 KB) pdf
9 Delegation of power for grant of In-principle approval for import or acquisition of aircraft or helicopters by Air operators to DGCA डाउनलोड (18.78 KB) pdf
10 Constitution of Expert Committee set up to review the existing flying training system in the country डाउनलोड (24.29 KB) pdf
11 Constitution of Coordination Committee regarding issue of construction of proposed 2nd runway at Bangalore Airport, Devanahalli डाउनलोड (402.16 KB) pdf